Sebastian Maniscalco at Madison Square Garden

Sebastian Maniscalco Tickets

Madison Square Garden | Manhattan, New York

Think yourself a bit of a comedian do you? Well head on down to Madison Square Garden, Tuesday 28th December 2021 to see who your up against! Sebastian Maniscalco is on the road for 2021 and thirsty to make everyone breathless with laughter. Critics are calling it one of the funniest productions to come to the stage this winter so get it in the diary for December because Sebastian Maniscalco is heading to New York, New York City for your chance to see what all the commotion is about! Click 'get tickets' because this'll smash the box office for sure! Grab yours today for the best seats on the house!

Life long comedy fan? Not a comedy fan, just fancy having your mood lifted and funny bone tickled? Yeah all that…because guess who's in town Tuesday 28th December 2021? Thats right Sebastian Maniscalco on another US wide tour for 2021 and coming to your home town to get you giggling this winter! Playing at the unforgettable Madison Square Garden, New York, said to be the finest venue in the whole of New York City! Large capacity, ideal for high profile HILARIOUS events like this, a vast range of snacks, spacious and comfy seating AND in close proximity to all the best bars and restaurants in New York City! Be sure to stick this in the diary for December, it's all critics and mags can seem to talk about, so you'll surely not want to miss out on all the commotion and good vibes! Get your tickets today ,simply click 'get tickets' to get yours today!

Sebastian Maniscalco at Madison Square Garden

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