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Madison Square Garden | New York, New York

Dave Matthews Band

Make some noise, pop fans! On Friday 17th November 2023, Dave Matthews Band is taking over the Madison Square Garden’s stage for a much-anticipated day of pure pop music mania! The globally renowned musician takes off on a North American jaunt, traveling to dozens of cities with a thunderous round of exhibitions that will have whole crowds dancing the night away. The Madison Square Garden, one of New York, New York's finest concert establishments, features a state-of-the-art stage, lights, and acoustics that will enhance your experience to something out of this world. Sing till your throat dries out as a collection of multi-awarded pop hits fill your ears. Don't be shy. Break your moves out! Celebrate the moment with the rest of the crowd! This awe-inspiring event of musical energy promises electricity in the air and bonafide pop beats that you'll be humming on your way home. On Friday 17th November 2023, Dave Matthews Band is raising the Madison Square Garden's roof! Book your tickets now by hitting the button below!

Coming this fall, today's hottest pop icon is performing LIVE at the Madison Square Garden on Friday 17th November 2023 for the Dave Matthews Band show! Watch this musical force of nature unleash an unbridled blast of pop beats in a night you’ll never ever forget.

Several years since the star debuted, the award-winning artist takes to the road for a state-spanning tour this 2023, with stops in different North American cities, including one in New York, New York. The Madison Square Garden will act as the host, offering five-star facilities, which include a marvelous stage and pinprick-accurate sound systems sure to emphasize the finest of notes from the pop star's wide range of vocals.

Presenting the most blistering pop songs, the production will include the complete course, from rising hits to timeless classics. The featured superstar is most famous for enthusiastic melodies and undeniably catchy lyrics that always embed themselves in the ears of listeners. Their vocals–smooth and springy simultaneously–never fail to coax a head bop from anyone who hears it.

The Dave Matthews Band show will also feature an exquisitely choreographed exhibition with lighting displays forming a luminous backdrop. In a string of detailed dance numbers, each and every stage performer will top you up with insanely infectious energy. Don't forget to bring a friend to dance with (or tag a stranger at the event!), as this once-in-a-lifetime show compels you to move your body to every bouncing beat.

Come join the party at the Madison Square Garden, New York on Friday 17th November 2023! Get your tickets now to see Dave Matthews Band LIVE in THE pop concert event of the year.

Dave Matthews Band at Madison Square Garden

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