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Get ready for a Late Night as Odesza brings shows from their “The Last Goodbye” Tour Finale to Madison Square Garden this summer! They’ll be dropping by on Thursday, June 20th, 2024, to finish off this era on a high note. You don’t even have to be a fan of EDM to fall for these guys and their music. Their songs alone are so captivating, and their live performances bring them to a whole new level that you must see for yourself. They’ll be joined by Bob Moses, Blu DeTiger, and Golden Features, who’ll start the night with all they’ve got. You already know you’re in great hands with Madison Square Garden hosting this concert. With their top-notch sounds, superb visuals, and a great view no matter where you’re seated, you’ll only have the best night here. So head to Madison Square Garden on June 20th for the concert of the summer; grab your tickets while you still can!

Get ready for The Last Goodbye. EDM duo Odesza recently dropped the news for "The Last Goodbye" Tour Finale, which includes a few extra dates for one of their biggest tours yet. They'll be making a stop at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, June 20th, 2024, for the most memorable night, and you just can't pass up on it.

This electronic duo is taking over with this extensive tour. Many have looked up to them since their debut album for their distinct sound. As one of their longest and most fun runs yet, you can expect a lot from these special extended set shows. They bring a little of everything to their shows, so whether you're a die-hard fan or just a casual listener, you will surely enjoy them.

Enhance your experience even further with one of the three VIP Experiences they offer for this show. Each experience comes with a ticket and early entry to the show, special merch opportunities, and much more. A few of the 'Better Now' Merch Experiences, 'Higher Ground VIP Experiences, and 'The Last Goodbye VIP Experiences are still available, so grab yours while you've still got the chance.

Before our headliners, Bob Moses is going to start the night off for us. This duo's love for what they do is evident in every single performance of theirs, making their live concerts ten times better. They're ready to bring the whole place to their feet from the moment they're on that stage with their smash hits.

Blu DeTiger will also be there to turn on the heat for the night. Fans say that she's one of the best rock performers you can see live and that you can't miss her. You'll be hooked on her the moment she steps out and strums that bass and you won't be able to take your eyes off her until it's over.

Last but certainly not least, Golden Features is ready to deliver yet another unmatchable live show. Fans rave about the Aussie DJ, his immersive live concerts, and everything in between about him. His timeless music will be the cherry on top of this sick night, and you'll be begging him for more when it's over.

You can trust Madison Square Garden to do this show justice. They're ready for all 19,500 seats to be filled and have all their best facilities prepared for this fun night. Grab some friends and head to MSG on June 20th for the most epic night. Secure your seats now!

Odesza at Madison Square Garden

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