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It's time to break out your best dancing shoes because you'll be on your feet all night with this one. Odesza's "The Last Goodbye" era is coming to a close, and they're ending it on a high note. The finale to their "The Last Goodbye" Tour is making a bunch of extra special stops, including one at Madison Square Garden on Friday, June 21st, 2024! If you're not already into EDM, this duo will definitely get you there. No one in the scene is doing it like them, especially when it comes to their epic live performances. They're bringing along Bob Moses, Drama, and Golden Features to open the night and turn on the vibes before we get to the real party. Everyone's favorite venue can't wait to have all 19,500 seats of theirs filled on this special night. The excellent seats all over the venue and superb facilities will complete the whole experience. Book your tickets now!

Electronic duo Odesza is ending their "The Last Goodbye" era with a bang. Their special extended set for "The Last Goodbye" Tour Finale is dropping by Madison Square Garden on Friday, June 21st, 2024, and you won't want to miss it!

These two have been famed in the underground electronic scene since their debut album. This extensive tour features some of the duo's best shows yet as they give their all on their final live run for now. You don't even have to be a fan of EDM to enjoy them and their music because no one is doing live music and instruments like them.

Bob Moses will be there to kick off the night. You can be sure that the night ahead will be a great one with this duo and their passion to perform. As they perform fan-favorite's "Time and Time Again," "Love Brand New," and more, you'll be on your feet dancing along with them before you know it.

Next up, Drama is also tagging along for this Sweet Summer show. These two are taking over the world one step at a time, and you won't regret seeing them in person. You can tell just how much these two enjoy being on stage and how much fans love being there with them,

And, of course, Australian DJ Golden Features will be turning up the heat! His immersive concerts are like no other, with his timeless music and captivating visuals. He'll have everyone jumping up and down and leave an impression on you after this insane night.

Their VIP Experiences are still up for grabs if you want to make your night even more electric. They are offering The 'Better Now' Merch Experience, The 'Higher Ground' VIP Experience, and 'The Last Goodbye' VIP Experience where you can expect a ticket to the show, exclusive merch items and opportunities, and much more.

You'll have an unforgettable night at the world's most famous arena. Madison Square Garden knows how to put on a show. With amazing views from all 19,500 seats, state-of-the-art facilities, and the best overall vibes, the night will be more than Just a Memory. Grab your tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime show now!

Odesza at Madison Square Garden

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